WeaveSoft has a comprehensive component library enabling fast product development.

Our philosophy is to create components by our own, utilize open source software and open standards and form a cost-effective and well tested product by weaving them alltogether.

We have solutions for security business and process management.

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MRP for small industries in Helsinki district
Need a low-budget MRP with committed support? Contact us for more information

TimeCard system is an easy, handy and powerful internal management tool, used for recording working hours for each employee in your company.
Embedded Multimedia Platform
Embedded Multimedia Platform(EMP) is a solution for providing reliable real time information in public transport, company entrance halls and other public places. EMP takes care of the whole information flow from the content providers to the end-users display. Content can be almost anything from online news and weather reports and advertisements into location dependent information in buses and metros.
Professional usability, accessibility and easy-to-use user interface for Internet services with Slap Media's Modulo Content Management System.

WeaveSoft mLocator for positioning, locating and alerting, provides professional tools integrated as an user-friendly application.
Defect Tracking System
Open source product used for managing defects found during your development process.