[21/08/2010] Weavesoft installs multi-level BOM management with MRP functionality at the customer's site in Helsinki. If you still have your part lists in Excel - Contact us.

[18/4/2008] Weavesoft selected as supplier for Cypress Wind Turbines Oy, an international supplier for distributed renewable energy systems. Watch www.cypresswind.com for news.

[21/5/2007]Embedded Multimedia Platform in a key role at the demo bus tour of the international UITP Mobility & City Transport Exhibition. The Exhibition is a unique bi-annual event, long established as the 'must attend' in the international public transport and collective mobility market. Exhibition is held in conjunction with the UITP World Congress. At 2007 the location was Helsinki.

[28/2/2007] Weavesoft has created a portfolio web site www.helsinkischool.fi for Finnish top art photographers. Project was executed in cooperation work with our partners.

[01/10/2006] Professional usability with Slap Media's Modulo Content Management System, available at Weavesoft.

[01/10/2006] Get professional usability, reachability and flexibility with Slap Media's Modulo Content Management System, now available at Weavesoft.

Weavesoft is developing a new product Embedded Multimedia Platform (Weavesoft EMP) for various needs of media, transport and security. Platform is targeted for mobile and fixed installations. Pilot is currently running in Tiedelinja 506 (Science line 506) bus line in Helsinki district. In this mobile installation, EMP is integrated with intelligent positioning system and its basic feature is to show bus stop information, advertisements, news and information bulletins.

Bus line "Tiedelinja 506" started today at Helsinki district with Weavesoft BusScreen passenger information software.

Weavesoft created Aureobel a new on-line system for publishing and distributing music albums from innovative digital and electronic composers and sound artists. Buy the first albums at www.aureobel.com

WeaveSoft starts a training programme for newly graduated in Dalian Software Park. Contact us for more information.

WeaveSoft solutions in Web Intelligence Symposium at the Finnish artificial intelligence Conference. Download presentation at: Helsinki University site.

Several open positions in Dalian. Check our Careers page for more information.

Check the new Taxi Screen www-pages. Taxi screen is a system with our partner's patented hardware setup weaved together with WeaveSoft components on an open source platform.

WeaveSoft opened an office in the High-Tech zone of Dalian, China. Ask for more information from myynti@weavesoft.com, or read our China consulting page.

WeaveSoft gave a presentation about process management, XML and other open standards in XML Finland 2003 seminar, 29 Oct. Read whole programme at www.xml-finland.org

Have you seen new ad innovation in the taxis of Helsinki? WeaveSoft has developed and implemented software for a new hit for advertising business. Read more about "Taxi Screen" from the M&M, Marketing & Advertizing magazine of Finland, August 2003. The system consist of patented hardware setup, WeaveSoft components and open source platform.

Benefon Oyj, 4 Technology Solutions Oy and Oy Esperi Ab will start piloting an extensive co-operation with offering a 24-hour security service in Finland. Service is built on WeaveSoft mLocator platform. See more at www.benefon.fi and our products page.

WeaveSoft is constantly evaluating business opportunities both in Europe and in Asia. Our office located in Dalian aims to enlarge cooperation with present partners and seeking for new attractive opportunities.

mLocator product released. mLocator is a platform for locating several types of devices in GSM network. mLocator is a solution for logistics positioning as well as vehicle and personal security. mLocator was successfully piloted in Finland by Falck Security Oy. View further information and download a product sheet on WeaveSoft products page.

New version of TimeCard released! Now employees can report expense bills into same system as working time and travelling kilometers. Test WeaveSoft TimeCard with login: admin password: admin at our products page http://www.weavesoft.com/tc/login.jsp.

WeaveSoft used open source platform and cms when creating new www pages ? for two restaurants in the center of Helsinki http://www.marcante.fi.

WeaveSoft will attend the Week Activity of OverSea Scholar in Liaoning province, China on 26 June, 2003. WeaveSoft will present its products and corresponding demonstrations to enlarge its market in China. [02/05/2003] Postponed due to SARS.

WeaveSoft has a new partner in Dalian, China, Huayun Software which is a product and service oriented ... http://www.4media.net/huayun.