[21/08/2010] Weavesoft installs multi-level BOM management with MRP functionality at the customer's site in Helsinki. If you still have your part lists in Excel - Contact us.
[18/4/2008] Weavesoft selected as supplier for Cypress Wind Turbines Oy, an international supplier for distributed renewable energy systems.
[21/5/2007] Embedded Multimedia Platform in a key role at the demo bus tour of the international UITP Mobility & City Transport Exhibition.
[28/2/2007] Weavesoft has created a portfolio web site for Finnish top art photographers. Project was executed in cooperation work with our partners.
[01/10/2006] Professional usability with Slap Media's Modulo Content Management System, available at Weavesoft.
[14/01/2006] New product on a pilot phase: Embedded Multimedia Platform for various needs of media, transport and security. Check it at the Tiedelinja 506 bus line where you'll never miss a bus stop.
[29/08/2005] Bus line "Tiedelinja 506" started today at Helsinki district with Weavesoft passenger information software BusScreen.
[15/05/2005]Weavesoft created Aureobel a new on-line system for publishing and distributing music albums from innovative digital and electronic composers and sound artists. Buy the first albums at
[05/01/2005] WeaveSoft starts a training programme for newly graduated in Dalian Software Park. Contact us for more information.
[03/09/2004] WeaveSoft solutions in Web Intelligence Symposium at the Finnish artificial intelligence Conference.
[22/04/2004] Several open positions in Dalian. Check our Careers page for more information.
[25/02/2004] Taxi screen - a brand new system with our partner's patented hardware setup weaved together with WeaveSoft components on an open source platform.
[07/01/2004] WeaveSoft opened an office in the High-Tech zone of Dalian, China. Ask for more information from myynti at or read our China consulting page.
WeaveSoft -
       weaving intelligent and safer web

Need a company with 100% commitment to quality, fast response and reasonable cost level? WeaveSoft is the answer to your needs.

WeaveSoft provides a range of own and third party products and components in addition to open source software tailored to your systems - fast and effective. Professional technical product management weaved together with good tools and skilled resources - that's our recipe for success in IT projects. 

In addition to common Internet technologies skills like Java, XML, PHP and SQL-databases, we have experience in J2EE and C/C++. All this experience is available for your product and system development.

WeaveSoft is born international. The company was founded by Finnish and Chinese ICT experts. Let WeaveSoft take care of technical issues and localization for China market. We are ready to serve you both in China and Finland.

"We can find a solution for your needs and way out of your IT problems."

MRP for small industries in Helsinki district
Need a low-budget MRP with committed support? Contact us for more information

TimeCard system is an easy, handy and powerful internal management tool, used for recording working hours for each employee in your company.

Embedded Multimedia Platform (EMP) is a solution for providing reliable real time information in public transport, company entrance halls and other public places. EMP takes care of the whole information flow from the content providers to the end-users display. Content can be almost anything from online news and weather reports and advertisements into location dependent information in buses and metros.
Professional usability, accessibility and easy-to-use user interface for Internet services with Slap Media's Modulo Content Management System.
Defect Tracking System
Open source product used for managing defects found during your development process.