WeaveSoft - the company

WeaveSoft was founded in spring 2002 by IT experts, having totally 31 work years of experience in information technology and engineering. With the strong experience and high commitment WeaveSoft is targeting to projects that require high technical competence, project management skills and a need to integrate several technologies in one project.

WeaveSoft is totally owned by its employees. No external funding has been needed, as the company has been profitable since the establishment.

WeaveSoft contact and location information

Weavesoft has experience on :
  • Financial sector :
    Brokerage transaction systems. Real-time market information systems. Mutual fund, option and share subscription systems.
  • Hotels :
    Back-office and customer service systems.
  • Industry :
    SAP R/3 integration. Product data management. IT and development management. E-commerce. Quality and process development with ISO9001, EFQM and TBM.
  • Teleoperators :
  • Web payment system.
  • Several branches :
    Portals with Internet services and content management. Internet document management.
Weavesoft utilizes
  • Common way of working :
    CVS version control, distributed development environments, common testing environment, UML, Javadoc documentation, IRC, News, testing and bug reporting.
  • Project management.
  • Process development.
  • Software specification.
  • Programming :
    Java/J2EE, C/C++, SQL, XML, Servlet, JSP, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Perl.
  • Internet technologies :
    J2EE, TCP/IP, SSL, SSH, SOAP, CORBA, Web Services, RMI.
  • Application servers :
    Orion / Oracle, WebLogic, JBoss, WebSphere, Tomcat.
  • Databases :
    Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server.
  • Operating systems :
    Linux, Solaris, WinNT/2000.
  • Terminals :
    PDA, GSM, WAP, PC.
  • Standards :
    Rosettanet, J2EE.
  • Open source code evaluation and utilisation. ...and many more.